Chatting with Cerise Lash Boutique, winner of the Excellence in Marketing award

Cerise Lash - Excellence in Marketing

How does it feel to be the winner of the Excellence in Marketing award?

Woohoo!! I am beyond excited I get to put lashes on the map of the hair and beauty industry of New Zealand. I put a lot of work into writing the content and designing my entry, so I am really honoured to see all that hard work being recognized.

What is your marketing philosophy?

It is not WHAT you are selling, but WHO you are selling to. Make sure your message is clear and targets a specific group or audience. 

It is such a fast-paced world we live in, and people are often very forgetful, therefore you should always stay front of mind, and never stop entertaining and educating your audiences. Once you have built the connection with your audiences then you can pretty much sell anything successfully.

What drives you to continue to improve and better your marketing?

My goal is to open more locations throughout Auckland. So in order to achieve this, I need to keep my stylists’ columns full and recruit more team members. 

I make sure we get the best return on investment for what we spend on marketing. In the past few years, I was focusing on digital marketing with Facebook ads; which returned amazing results and was extremely cost effective. This year I started working on our Google Ads to ensure that our websites always show up at the top of search results.

If you don’t continue to better yourself, you will go backwards by default as your competitor’s catchup, so it’s always in my best interest to keep growing my business. That way I can stay in front of the lash game!

How would you describe your brand?

The Cerise brand represents care and quality. We are friendly and flexible, and we always give 110% to our clients. Our team of lash artists love to wow our clients and exceed their expectations each and every time, but at the end of the day it’s their lash health that’s most important to us. We care for their lashes and will only offer what is safest.

How would you describe your clients?

Our lash clients are women between the age of 25 to 55 with disposable income, who enjoy the convenience of looking polished 24/7 without having to spend extra time on makeup every morning. They are after quality and prefer the finer things in life, hence they choose Cerise because they understand that their lash health is our utmost priority.

How have you tailored your business to your target audience?

We have 2 target audiences – lash clients (B2C) and lash artists (B2B)

For our lash clients, we charge by time and have different price points based on the experience level of our lash artists, which helps to cater to a wider market. We can offer our clients a shorter appointment or stretch out their next appointment if finance is an issue at the time. This resonates with the care and flexibility represented by our Cerise brand.

As for our lash artists, our unique business model, Cerise Enterprise, aims to attract those who want a successful and stress free lash business working within a tight-knit team of like-minded people. Cerise will run and manage their business for them by taking care of their marketing, bookings, admin, products; so our team can focus on creating beautiful lashes, earning better income while enjoying better work life balance. This way we can attract and retain the best lash artists in the industry within our team and continue delivering quality services to our clients.

Having both our B2C and B2B marketing covered works extremely well for bringing in leads for my lash businesses and they cross promote one another.

What is your favourite marketing channel and why?

Definitely Facebook is my favourite, it is so powerful and dynamic. Facebook wants their users to have a great experience while spending time on their platform, so they will only push content out to their users on topics that interest them. For marketers like myself, I know my ads are going to the right places and are seen by the right people. This means the cost will be lower and my ads far more effective. If you get both the creative and technical sides set up right – BAM! Magic happens, and we have between 20 - 30+ messages coming through on FB on a daily basis, and 40+ a day during peak season.

You can easily set your ads up in your Facebook Ads Manager and forget about them, we have ads running every day ranging from $1 to $3 a day. I love Facebook marketing so much that next year I am teaching salon owners how to create the same results for their salons as well!

What would you say to someone considering entering The Industry Awards next year?

Definitely do it! It definitely helps you work on your brand and have a deeper understanding of your target audience. Everything just seems more crystal clear by sitting down and answering those questions, it really helps you reflect on what you’ve done for your business, and how to move it forward.


To learn more about Elisia’s lash businesses, training and coaching visit

2020 creative winners and placegetters

Check out all the top placed looks from our Creative categories. Congratulations to all the winners and placegetters!

Editorial Stylist of the Year - Colour Concept

Editorial Stylist of the Year - Le Male

Editorial Stylist of the Year - Cover Shot

Editorial Stylist of the Year - Hot Shot - New Talent

Editorial Stylist of the Year - Next Generation

Editorial Stylist of the Year - Derek Elvy Visionary Award

Patrick Cameron Instagram Challenge Next Generation
- Under 4 years in the Industry

Patrick Cameron Instagram Challenge Senior
- Over 4 years in the Industry

What to expect at The Industry Awards 2020

Whether you’ve attended The Industry Awards before or this year will be your first time, here’s the low down on what to expect!

Where and when

We are excited to be hosting The Industry Awards at the Cordis Hotel in Auckland on Sunday 8th November.

The event starts at 6:30pm and we encourage you to arrive on time to ensure you make the most of your evening! Given the year it’s been – it’s time to party!

What to expect

The Industry Awards event is a glamourous evening celebrating the best business, training and creative talent in the New Zealand hair, beauty and barbering industries. So you can expect an incredible experience to match!

Your ticket to The Industry Awards includes an evening of celebration, entertainment, drinks, delicious food and the opportunity to catch up with industry colleagues. When you arrive, you’ll be treated to drinks and delicious canapes until the ceremony starts at 7pm. There’ll be a break around 8pm to give you a chance to enjoy your dinner and chat with others at the event – not just the ten people at your table. After all the awards have been announced, the DJ will start the music! The dance floor will be open until 11.30 pm.

Dress code

The Industry Awards is your opportunity to dress to impress! Want to stand out? Do it! Get creative with it (we know you know how). 

The dress code is cocktail, so suits and ties, party dresses, or fancy skirts and tops. Don’t be afraid to get your glitz on!

What to bring

There are a few things you won’t want to forget:

  • Your team. Take the opportunity to spend time with your team outside of the salon, spa or clinic and really celebrate your success. If you’re not based in Auckland, make a weekend of it!
  • Your tickets. Print them out or bring them on your phone. Having your tickets makes everything a lot quicker and easier for you and for us.
  • Your wonderful personality. Come prepared to socialise and dance the night away.


Congratulations once again to all our finalists!

If you’re a finalist, you’ll need to purchase tickets for you and your guests (if you haven’t already) so you can celebrate together.

If you win an award, we’ll call you on stage to accept it. A professional photographer will take a photo of the winner and their trophy during breaks between announcements.

Travel and accommodation

We hope you’re already making arrangements for your travel and stay in Auckland. Be sure to check out Grab A Seat and Wotif which usually have great deals.

What to do in Auckland

Auckland is such an incredible city and there is so much to do. Here are some suggestions:

We can’t wait to celebrate with you at The Industry Awards 2020!

Training Finalists – The Industry Awards 2020

Congratulations to all the Training award finalists for this year’s Industry Awards! We were thrilled to see such a huge number of entries – even a global pandemic couldn’t interfere with your passion and drive.

With the introduction of three new Training awards, it was great to see an increase in entries from barbers, beauty therapists and industry assessors. We are so humbled by the talent in our industries – each year exceeds the last!

See the full list of finalists in the Training categories below:

Hairdressing Apprentice of the Year

  • Jason Parker – Buoy Salon & Spa (Wellington)
  • Sonita Azizi – Anthony Bayer Hair Salon (Auckland)
  • Mercy Barret – Headquarters (Dunedin)

Barbering Apprentice of the Year

  • Myo Kyaw – Victoria Ave Barbershop (Palmerston North)
  • Bradley Proctor – Maloney’s Barbershop (Auckland)

Beauty Therapy Apprentice of the Year

  • Melissa Katrisse Wilton – She Believed Beauty (North Canterbury)
  • Samantha Maloney – Chrysalis Beauty (Auckland)

Jasmine McBeth Memorial Scholarship

  • Destiny Henry – C U Hair (New Plymouth)
  • Sonita Azizi – Anthony Bayer Hair Salon (Auckland)

Industry Trainer of the Year

  • Diana Beaufort – Reds Hairdressing (Wellington)
  • Chrissy De Mey – Vivo Hair & Beauty (Tauranga)

Industry Assessor of the Year

  • Phillipa Grundy – Zibido (Hamilton)
  • Sonia Baker Johnston – MIT Cranium Hair (Auckland)

Workplace of the Year

  • Aurum Hairstylists and Barbers (Dunedin)
  • Crèmebrulee Hair and Beauty (Taupo)

The Industry Awards winners will be announced at our awards ceremony on 8 November at the Cordis Hotel in Auckland. Buy your tickets here.

Business Finalists – The Industry Awards 2020

Congratulations to all the finalists in The Industry Awards’ Business categories! We were so happy to see that despite the crazy year we’ve been having, so many of you were able to still focus on your business and submit amazing entries. In particular it appears that lots of you took this opportunity to redesign your salon and barbershop interiors! We had a record number of entries into the Best Salon Design category this year which was really awesome to see.

See the full list of finalists in the Business categories below, and check back tomorrow for our Training category finalists!

New Zealand Beauty Salon of the Year

  • Diamond Laser Medispa (Taupo)
  • Blush Beauty Therapy (Whangarei)
  • Puravida Beauty (Wellington)

New Zealand Hair Salon of the Year

  • Aurum Hairstylists & Barbers (Dunedin)
  • Vivo Hair Salon (Chancery, Auckland)
  • Hair to stare at (Tauranga)
  • Tayla’d Styling (Auckland)
  • INCO (Auckland)

Top Performing Stylist of the Year

  • Lauren McMurray – Iron +Ivy Hair (Queenstown)
  • Pete Emery – Vivo Hair Salon (Chancery, Auckland)
  • Sarah Jane Martin – RA Hair (Dunedin)
  • Krystle Lara Anderson – Dream Hair Boutique (Dunedin)
  • Sarah Rasmussen – The Avenue (Auckland)

Excellence in Marketing

  • Shine Hairstylists (North Canterbury)
  • Cerise Lash Boutique (Auckland)

Best Salon Design

  • Frankie & Son (Christchurch)
  • Ukiyo Salon & Co (Wanaka)
  • Shine Hairstylists (North Canterbury)
  • Jetcharm Barbershop (New Plymouth)
  • Chrysalis (Auckland)

You’ll also notice that this year we will not be awarding a Sustainable Salon of the Year award. Unfortunately this year the entries we received did not reach our expected standard in order to award a winner in this category. The category will be back again in 2021, and we encourage all salons, spas and barbershops who embrace sustainability to show us all the unique and thoughtful ways you incorporate sustainability into your everyday practices.

The Industry Awards winners will be announced at our awards ceremony on 8 November at the Cordis Hotel in Auckland. Buy your tickets here.

Creative Finalists – The Industry Awards 2020

Check out all the top placed looks from our Creative categories. Congratulations to all the winners and placegetters!

Editorial Stylist of the Year - Colour Concept

Editorial Stylist of the Year - Le Male

Editorial Stylist of the Year - Cover Shot

Editorial Stylist of the Year - Hot Shot - New Talent

Editorial Stylist of the Year - Next Generation

Editorial Stylist of the Year - Derek Elvy Visionary Award

Patrick Cameron Instagram Challenge Next Generation
- Under 4 years in the Industry

Patrick Cameron Instagram Challenge Senior
- Over 4 years in the Industry

New Training Categories at The Industry Awards!

We’re extremely excited to be welcoming four new Training award categories to this year’s Industry Awards. With only a couple of weeks until entries close, now’s your chance to get your submissions in.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make history and be crowned the first ever winner of:

  • Hairdressing Apprentice of the Year
  • Beauty Therapy Apprentice of the Year
  • Barbering Apprentice of the Year
  • Industry Assessor of the Year

As some of you will remember, we’ve previously had one overall Apprentice of the Year award, open to hairdressers, barbers or beauty therapists to enter. However, given the ever-growing talent in hairdressing, beauty therapy and barbering, it seemed only fair we create a separate category for each of the wonderful industries we represent.

If you’re a HITO hairdressing, beauty therapy or barbering apprentice, you can enter The Industry Awards for free and be in with the chance to win $2,500 towards professional development. Why wouldn’t you want to get involved?

When last year’s Apprentice of the Year, Vienna Moore was asked if she had any top tips on how to make a winning entry, she said:

“Be completely honest. If you really do love what you do and you’re passionate about it, that will come through in your writing, photos or however you choose to display it. When you try to be too generic then it’s not real.”

Another new addition to the Training awards is the Industry Assessor of the Year category, which recognises an Industry Assessor offering an excellent service to HITO apprentices.

With so many industry professionals contributing to the future of their industry, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate them and their successes. With more awards, there’s even more to celebrate!

We can’t wait to see you in your finery at this year’s event, it’s most definitely going to be bigger and better than ever.

Top tips on how to create an award winning entry for The Industry Awards

The Industry Awards trophy table

If you’ve never entered The Industry Awards before it can seem like a daunting task. You might be wondering, what should I include? What should my application look like? What gave last year’s winners the edge over the competition? 

So here we’ve rounded up our top tips for entering The Industry Awards along with some advice from past winners. 

Firstly, the entry forms are your friends. All the requirements and judging criteria for each award are included on the entry form. Different awards have different requirements, so make sure you read each entry form carefully to make sure you’re giving the judges exactly what they want to see. Secondly, don’t be late! Your entries along with a completed entry form are due by 31 August 2020, so make sure you send them in as soon as you can so that you’re not rushing at the last minute!

Now here are some tips specific to the Training, Business and Creative sections of The Industry Awards.

Training Awards

There are a few key things you need to remember when entering a Training Award category. Here are our tips on what your entry should look like, what to include, and some advice from past winners and judges.

  • Show your style. We want to see your creativity in your entry, but keep in mind that the judges need to be able to judge the content you’ve provided. That means that if you’re submitting a written entry, typed entries are best and stick to A3 and A4 sizes. Booklets are always good – they’re easy to post and easy to judge.
    If you’re submitting a video entry, make sure the lighting is good and audio clear. Entries must be five minutes or under. As it will be a large file, you’ll need to send it on a USB stick.
  • Answer the questions. It may sound silly, but to create a winning entry, you need to make sure you’re meeting all the entry requirements. Each entry form will tell you exactly what the best entries will include, so double check that your entry is covering everything you say. You don’t need to include heaps of information, keep it short and sweet and really think about what’s important to include. If you’re including other information, like photos or print-outs from your booking system, remember to explain why they’re important.
  • Think about HITO. You’re all HITO trainees, trainers, or employers –  make sure you talk about what’s relevant to your training with HITO, or how you help HITO trainees as part of your application.
  • Take your time. Some of the most common advice from our past winners is to prepare and put a lot of effort into your application. Entries aren’t due until August 31, so start thinking about what you want to say now. Collect any relevant information so you don’t have to rush at the last minute. Take advantage of every opportunity you get – it could be the opportunity that helps you win an award! Natasha Bird, winner of the 2018 Industry Trainer of the Year award, said
  • “Just do it because it’s a really good chance to stand back and look at what you’re doing, determine if it’s enough. Even if you don’t win it’s worthwhile – I put together a better entry this year because of what I learned entering last year.” 

  • Be open and honest. Put your heart into it, and openly share your experiences. It helps the judges get to know you and shows off your good qualities. Vienna Moore won Apprentice of the Year in 2019, and she believes that honesty helped her to create an award winning entry:

    “What I did with my application was just be completely honest. If you really do love hairdressing and you’re passionate about it then that will come through”.

  • Think broadly. Don’t just focus on one aspect of your dedication and commitment. You might be a competition superstar, but the judges want to know where else you’ve shown excellence. You might be 100% dedicated to your students, but are there other areas where you’ve supported training success?

Vienna Moore, Apprentice of the Year 2019

The quality of applications is always incredibly high, and the judges have a difficult time selecting our winners. We can’t wait to receive another round of fantastic entries this year.

Business awards

Winning a Business Award is a great way to receive national recognition and improve your business, but even just entering the Business Awards helps you to learn so much about your business and make it even better. If you’re entering the Business Awards for the first time, or you missed out on a win last year, you might be wondering how to make your entry the best it can be. Here’s a list of our top tips that’ll help you put together a winning entry:

  • Triple check your numbers. If you’re entering a Business Award that requires you to submit numerical answers, make sure you triple check them! They’ll need to be GST exclusive and a few of them are really specific about what we’re asking for – so be sure to read the questions a few times so you know exactly what we’re looking for. Doing this will also allow you to truly understand your numbers and better understand your business which makes it so worthwhile!
  • Results, results, results! The judges want to see how your initiatives have performed, not just what they were. Find a way to weave your results, and evidence of those results, throughout your entry. Think costs, engagement, feedback and return on investment. And don’t forget to include any reports or statistics too – these must be included in your entry.
  • Use your creativity. You know the style of your salon, spa or clinic better than anyone, and the judges are always excited by a great looking entry, so show off what your business is all about. Remember presentation is worth 10% of your overall score. We spoke to Annabel Kinley from Scout, winner of the Sustainable Salon of the Year award in 2019. She said,

    “One of the main reasons we did so well is because of the way we presented it. We were perfectionists in making it look exactly how we wanted it to. It’s really important to get your ideas across concisely and make them look how you want them to look.”

  • Keep it brief. The judges love an entry that’s quick to read yet packed with incredible initiatives and results. So, use clear headings and simple language, stay on point and keep it concise.

Our final piece of advice is just to give it a go! So many of our previous entrants talk about insightful and rewarding entering is.

Tayla Carpenter from Tayla’d Styling, accepting the award for the New Zealand Hair Salon of the Year award in 2019.

Tayla’d Styling, winner of the 2019 New Zealand Hair Salon of the Year award said,

“Entering The Industry Awards has helped by making me stop and evaluate ourselves and our systems. It also just gives us the drive to want to achieve more. The event is great and the companies that created it do such a good job, it’s nice to have an event like that in NZ. I’m so happy it exists, the whole team looks forward to it.”

Creative awards

The level of talent we see in the Creative Awards is so high, you might be wondering what sets a winning entry apart from the rest. Follow these top tips to make your entry the best it can be

  • Be creative. For the Editorial Stylist awards, entrants are asked to create an image suitable for the front cover of a magazine that will forecast fashion for the coming season. The focus in all categories should be the hair but judges are looking for a fashion forward shot so the only limit is your imagination!
  • Follow the brief. The entry forms may all look the same, but each award has its own criteria, so read and follow the criteria and you won’t go wrong – for example, don’t submit a black and white image for Editorial Stylist of the Year – Colour Concept, and read Patrick Cameron’s instructions carefully!
  • Quality photography. Submit the best photographs you can, but be sure to read entry forms so you know exactly what is expected for each category. For the Patrick Cameron Instagram Challenge, photos must be taken on a digital device, while the Editorial Stylist shots need to be magazine worthy so we’d recommend using a professional photographer for this. Please note that computer enhancement is not allowed under any circumstances.
  • Practice makes perfect. Take several shots of your image and save them onto a computer for review before you decide which one(s) to submit and don’t delete shots right after taking them as you may miss out on something you hadn’t noticed before. When it comes to submitting your entry, just remember that the judges judge the entries independently of one another, so if you send several poses with the same hairstyle, your chances of winning could be reduced due to each judge potentially choosing a different pose. You’ll find some additional hot tips on the individual entry forms – we can’t wait to see what you produce!

A winning entry from Kylie Hayes, Editorial Stylist of the Year 2019

Kylie Hayes, 2019 Editorial Stylist of the Year says,  

“By entering competitions it’s a chance for us to be artists, allowing us to inspire and educate others with our ideas; It’s a chance for us to be storytellers, we find ourselves drawn to a model, mesmerised by the fashion, colours and silhouettes we start to form in our minds. The Industry Awards are the perfect platform to expose your creative self, it’s our outlet where we can have our visions come to life. 

Don’t forget The Industry Awards team is here to help and support you. So if you have any questions or need some guidance email us on or call Kitomba, HITO or NZARH.

The Industry Awards are back for 2020!

Industry awards 2020

The Industry Awards team are excited to announce that we’re back for 2020!

This year has been challenging for all of us, and the Awards will be the perfect opportunity to celebrate the hard work, dedication and essential services our industries provide.

New location

This year, The Industry Awards will be returning to Auckland. Get ready for a glamourous event, celebrating the best business, training and creative talent in New Zealand’s hair, beauty and barbering industries.

New Training Awards

This year, we’re introducing separate Apprentice of the Year categories, meaning there’ll be individual Hairdressing, Barbering and Beauty Apprentices of the Year. We’re also introducing an Industry Assessor of the Year category. With more awards, there’s even more to celebrate!

Entry fees

Our entry fees are the same as last year. Here’s a reminder of how they work:

  • There are different entry fees for individuals and businesses (i.e. salons, spas and shops).
  • You can choose to enter one category or multiple categories.
  • If you choose to enter multiple, you’re welcome to enter a mixture of business, training and creative categories.

Entry fees for individuals:

  • One category: $99+GST
  • Multiple categories: $199+GST
  • Students and HITO apprentices do not pay an entry fee.

Entry fees for businesses:

  • One category: $149+GST
  • Multiple categories: $249+GST

How to enter

Entering is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Get ready
    Check out the award categories and download the entry forms for each category you’d like to enter. Read through the entry forms to learn about entry requirements and judging criteria so you can get to work on creating an award winning entry!
  2. Enter
    Send in your entries along with your completed entry forms. Entries must be received by 31 August 2020. 
  3. Pay
    Pay your entry fees by 4 September 2020. Online payment is preferred, simply click the links below. Contact us if you need an alternative payment arrangement.

Finalist announcement

Follow The Industry Awards on Facebook so you’re the first to hear about our finalists. They’ll be announced by the end of September 2020.

Join us at The Industry Awards

The winners will be announced at The Industry Awards celebration on 8 November 2020 in Auckland. Tickets will go on sale in September.For more information about The Industry Awards or to keep up to date with news and announcements, keep checking our website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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