What to expect at The Industry Awards 2019

Whether you’ve attended the Industry Awards before or this year will be your first time, here’s the low down on what to expect!

Where and when

We’re excited to be hosting The Industry Awards at Te Papa Museum of New Zealand in Wellington on November 10th.

The event starts at 6:30pm and we encourage you to arrive on time to ensure you make the most of your evening!

What to expect

The Industry Awards is a glamorous event celebrating the best business, training and creative talent in the New Zealand hair, beauty and barbering industries. You can expect an incredible experience to match! 

Your ticket to The Industry Awards includes an evening of celebration, entertainment, drinks, delicious food and the opportunity to catch up with everyone in the industry. When you arrive, you’ll be treated to drinks and delicious canapes until the ceremony starts at 7pm. There’ll be a break around 8pm to give you a chance to enjoy your dinner and chat with everyone at the event – not just the ten people at your table. After all the awards have all been announced, the DJ will start the music! The dance floor will be open until 11.30pm.

Dress code

The Industry Awards is your opportunity to dress to impress! Every year we love seeing how glam everyone is as they arrive.  

The dress code is cocktail, so suits and ties, party dresses, or fancy skirts and tops.

What to bring

There are a few things you won’t want to forget:

  • Your team. Take the opportunity to spend time with your team outside of the salon, spa or shop and really celebrate your success. If you’re not based in Wellington, make a weekend of it!
  • Your tickets. Print them out or bring them on your phone. Having your tickets makes everything a lot quicker and easier for you and for us.
  • Your wonderful personality. Come prepared to socialise and dance the night away.


Congratulations once again to our finalists from The Industry Awards team! 

If you’re a finalist, you’ll need to purchase tickets for you and your guests (if you haven’t already) so you can celebrate together.

If you win an award, we’ll call you on stage to accept it. A professional photographer will take a photo of the winner and their trophy off stage.

Travel and accommodation

We hope you’re already making arrangements for your travel and stay in Wellington. Make sure you book as soon as possible if you haven’t already. Grab a seat and Wotif usually have great deals.

What to do in Wellington

If you’re making a weekend of it, there are so many things you can do in Wellington:

Hopefully you’re feeling ready for The Industry Awards. We can’t wait to see you all there to enjoy this superb celebration!

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Photographs of the creative finalist entries

The Industry Awards team is very pleased to show off the creative entries that were named as finalists this year!

Editorial Stylist of the Year - Colour Concept

Editorial Stylist of the Year - Le Male

Editorial Stylist of the Year - Cover Shot 

Editorial Stylist of the Year - Next Generation Stylist

Editorial Stylist of the Year - Hot Shot - New Talent

Editorial Stylist of the Year - Derek Elvy Visionary Award

Patrick Cameron Instagram Challenge - Under 4 years in the Industry

Patrick Cameron Instagram Challenge - Over 4 years in the Industry

Hairstylist of the Year - Next Generation Stylist

Hairstylist of the Year - Senior Stylist

The winners will be announced at The Industry Awards event, November 10 2019. This year the event is being held at Te Papa in Wellington. To attend, you can purchase your tickets here.

The Industry Awards 2019 finalists

The 2019 finalists have been announced for The Industry Awards, celebrating top talent in New Zealand’s hair, beauty and barbering industries.

An unparalleled number of entries were received for the awards this year, which recognise business success, exceptional training, creative skills and excellent apprentices.

Winners will be announced on November 10th at the annual glamourous ceremony, at Te Papa in Wellington. 

The awards are jointly hosted by the New Zealand Hair and Beauty Industry Training Organisation (HITO), Kitomba Salon & Spa Software and the New Zealand Association of Registered Hairdressers (NZARH).

The Industry Awards 2019 finalists

Business Awards

New Zealand Beauty Salon of the Year

  • Studio 31
  • Alluminus Beauty
  • Urban Sanctuary Day Spa
  • Pania Ryan Beauty Retreat
  • Puravida Beauty

New Zealand Hair Salon of the Year

  • Aurum Hairstylists & Barbers
  • Tayla’d Styling
  • Fox Hair Blonde Bar
  • Glamour Hair Boutique
  • Vivo Hair Salon – George St Dunedin

Top Performing Stylists of the Year

  • Tayla Carpenter – Tayla’d Styling
  • Mandy Taylor – Zaibatsu, Hair Art
  • Seamus Karam – Whalley – Vivo Hair and Beauty (Anglesea)
  • Renee Letcher – Fox Hair Blonde Bar
  • Brenda Wereta – Colors Hair Company
  • Peter Emery – Vivo Hair Salon

Excellence in Marketing

  • Iron and Ivy Hair
  • Absolute Hair
  • Reds Hairdressing
  • Pania Ryan Beauty Retreat
  • Vivo Hair & Beauty

Sustainable Salon of the Year

  • Scout Hair
  • Mancraft Barbers
  • Tayla’d Styling
  • Reds Hairdressing
  • Cocoon Hair Design

Best Salon Design

  • Iron and Ivy Hair
  • Megan Nicole Hair Design
  • Absolute Hair
  • BHB Barbershop
  • Cocoon Hair Design

Training Awards

Apprentice of the Year

  • Grace Wilkinson – Biba (Northern)
  • Tee Tupara – Cremebrulee Hair and Beauty (Northern Central)
  • Eilish Mooney – Buoy Salon and Spa (Central)
  • Vienna Moore – Clip Joint (Southern)

Workplace of the Year

  • Patricia Ross – Ross & Co Hair Design
  • Shannon Dowd – Zibido Hair
  • Kirsten Kennish – Absolute Hair

Industry Trainer of the Year

  • Shannon Dowd – Zibido Hair
  • Chrissy De Mey – Vivo
  • Cathy Davys – Vivo Tory Street

Jasmine McBeth Memorial Scholarship

  • Jarod Fisher – Zurri Hairdressing
  • Sharni Melville – Shine Hair Co
  • Tee Tupara – Cremebrulee Hair and Beauty

Creative Awards 

Editorial Stylist of the Year – Colour Concept

  • Alysha Ellis – Zibido (Hamilton)
  • Anthony Bayer – Anthony Bayer Hair (Auckland)
  • Holly Saunders – Saunders Hairdressing (Otago)
  • Kylie Hayes – Moha (Dunedin)
  • Liana King – Zen Hair (Dunedin)
  • Melissa Erskine – Vivo Hair and Beauty (Nelson)
  • Patreece Corban – Mancraft Barbers (Taupo)
  • Shayna Thompson – Vivo Hair and Beauty (Christchurch)

Editorial Stylist of the Year – Le Male

  • Anthony Bayer – Anthony Bayer Hair (Auckland)
  • Ashleigh Murray – KN Colab (New Plymouth)
  • Ben Tuetue – The Barber Lounge (Christchurch)
  • Eilish Mooney – Buoy (Wellington)
  • Fleur Devonshire – Fleur Devonshire Hair Collective (New Plymouth)
  • Julien Debaveye – Mancraft Barbers (Taupo
  • Patreece Corban – Mancraft Barbers (Taupo)
  • Rachel Elmiger – Mancraft Barbers (Taupo)

Editorial Stylist of the Year – Cover Shot

  • Anthony Bayer – Anthony Bayer Hair (Auckland)
  • Chinney Yeap – Buoy (Wellington)
  • Jaimee Smith – Ukiyo (Dunedin)
  • Kiri Roberts – Mane Salon (Wellington)
  • Kylie Hayes – Moha (Dunedin)
  • Melissa Erskine – Vivo Hair and Beauty (Nelson)
  • Michael Beel – Buoy (Wellington)
  • Patreece Corban – Mancraft Barbers (Taupo)
  • Shannon Dowd – Zibido (Hamilton)
  • Wei Jiang – Buoy (Wellington)

Editorial Stylist of the Year – Hot Shot – New Talent

  • Liadan Robson-Tonga – BHB Academy (Palmerston North)
  • Paige Tiddy – BHB Academy (Palmerston North)
  • Shayla Mcdougall – KN Hair Colab (New Plymouth)
  • Shey Skews – Salon CentreStage (Wellington)

Editorial Stylist of the Year – Next Generation Stylist

  • Ashleigh Murray – KN Colab (New Plymouth)
  • Ben Tuetue – The Barber Lounge (Christchurch)
  • Gracie Nisbet – Mphosis Hair Studio (Hastings)
  • Hlawn Nawl -Buoy (Wellington)
  • Olivia Haimes – Cremebrulee Hair and Beauty (Taupo)
  • Ronica Samang – Buoy (Wellington)
  • Savanna Ferrel – Mane Salon (Wellington)

Editorial Stylist of the Year – Derek Elvy Visionary Award

  • Corey McNicholl – BHB Academy (Palmerston North)
  • Kylie Hayes – Moha (Dunedin)
  • Mandy Taylor – Zaibatsu Hair Art (Dunedin)
  • Michael Beel – Buoy (Wellington)
  • Olivia Haimes – Cremebrulee Hair and Beauty (Taupo)
  • Shannon Dowd – Zibido (Hamilton)
  • Wei Jiang – Buoy (Wellington)

Patrick Cameron Instagram Challenge – Under 4 years in the Industry

  • Natalie Harper – BHB Academy (Palmerston North)
  • Claire Whyte – Hair Apart (Cromwell)
  • Ashleigh Mullacrane – House of Hair (Gisborne)

Patrick Cameron Instagram Challenge – Over 4 years in the Industry

  • Caren Mackay (Invercargill)
  • Ashleigh George – House of Hair (Gisborne)

Hairstylist of the Year – Next Generation Stylist

  • Corey McNicholl – BHB Academy (Palmerston North)
  • Natallie Knox – Zibido Hair (Hamilton)
  • Teighan Robinson – Vivo Hair and Beauty (Invercargill)

Hairstylist of the Year – Senior Stylist

  • Liana King – Zen Hair (Dunedin)
  • Mel Stevenson (Palmerston North)
  • Ronda Shaskey – Nspyre Red (Christchurch)
  • Shannon Dowd – Zibido (Hamilton)

Catching up with a few of last year’s winners

MPhosis Team

Last year, The Industry Awards saw the biggest turnout in entries and attendees in its history, and the addition of NZARH’s Creative category brought lots more winners to the table!

We thought we’d take a trip down memory lane and have a chat with some of last year’s winners. It was particularly nice to see their Industry Awards winner stickers proudly displayed in their windows. 

We asked Natasha Bird, MPhosis, how it felt to win the title of Industry Trainer of the Year:  

“I’d say it’s the proudest I’ve ever been of anything I’ve won. It’s about taking care of the next generation. It’s not 100% about me, it’s about the future and that’s why we were all so excited!”

Natasha said: “The most amazing thing has been the impact on the clients we already have. They’ve always loved the fact we have apprentices. For them, it’s amazing to see that the people taking care of them and their hair are being trained well.”

Natasha was so proud to be named Industry Trainer of the Year, she had a bespoke sticker made to fit the window at MPhosis. Go Natasha!

The Reds Hairdressing team at the Industry Awards event

Diana Beaufort, Reds Hairdressing, winner of Workplace of the Year loved having all the team at the Awards. “It was such a big buzz for them to be part of that team. It was a win for everyone – you can’t have the Workplace of the Year without a fantastic team and fantastic clients, now can you?”

When asked about the effect the win had on her salon, Diana said:

“Winning just showed that we are doing the right thing and it just makes you want to get better at what we’re already doing. We’re never going to let our standards drop!”

The Mancraft Barbers team

When we asked Patreece Corban, Mancraft Barbers, about her win, she said:

“We were extremely proud to be awarded Best Salon Design Winner 2018. We achieved our vision by not compromising on the fit out. We spent months planning and wanted to create an authentic customer experience.” 

She went on to tell us what the win meant for the business: “Our innovative, new age barbershop has only been open for 14 months and our win has given our shop a lot of exposure. We have clients that travel to Mancraft just so they can have the ‘boys club’ experience with a grooming den.”

When asked about the ongoing benefits of winning at The Industry Awards, winner of the New Zealand Hair Salon of the Year, Dave Rogers, Fox Hair Blonde Bar said:

“It has strengthened the Fox brand and also supports our vision of where we want to be in the market place. Most of all it has given our team a sense of pride and ownership of their success, which has resulted in consistency and demand for appointments in the salon.”

Kylie Hayes, Moha

The introduction of last year’s Creative category gave our industries the opportunity to show off their originality. Kylie Hayes, Moha, winner of last year’s Colour Concept award said:

“To be recognised amongst your industry peers is always such a rewarding feeling. We’re so fortunate to be in such a fabulous industry, built on trust and relationships”.

Courtney Taylor, Buoy

Another Creative winner was Courtney Taylor, Buoy, who won with the Derek Elvy Visionary Award. Courtney said:

“Being one of Derek’s apprentices, I had a lot of pride in entering this category and winning was the icing on the cake. I think it’s inspired some of the younger apprentices to try and do something different when they enter this year.”

We can’t wait to see the creativity, hard work and style this year’s competition brings!

10 years of The Industry Awards

We’re extra excited about The Industry Awards this year, as 2019 marks the 10th year of Kitomba, HITO and NZARH coming together to celebrate the best in the hair, beauty and barbering industry.

Let’s revisit the past 10 years of The Industry Awards, and see how we’ve grown and changed into the wonderful event you know today!

The first year of The Industry Awards

Although Kitomba, HITO and NZARH had been recognising hair, beauty and barbering excellence in other forms, 2010 was the first year that the separate awards came together to form The Industry Awards. The first Industry Awards included NZARH competitions, Supreme Awards announcements, seminars, and an awards dinner. It was held in Christchurch and after some last minute changes to the venue following the earthquake, it was a full weekend of exciting activities.

A range of new awards

The awards categories themselves have changed over time as The Industry Awards strives to celebrate all areas of the industry. In 2011 we created a new award for the Trainer of the Year, and in 2013 the Sustainable Salon of the Year award was added. Training awards criteria changed in 2014 to welcome beauty entrants into the training awards. The Best Salon Design award was added in 2015 – to expand the meaning of business success beyond just the books.

Big changes for The Industry Awards

2018 saw an exciting change to the awards, with the addition of the Creative Awards categories. The HITO Training Awards and Kitomba NZARH Business Awards, formerly under The Industry Awards umbrella, also officially left their old names behind to be known only as The Industry Awards. This was the first year of The Industry Awards as we know them today, as one cohesive celebration of business, training and creative success in the hair, beauty and barbering industries.

10 years later

The Industry Awards have changed a lot over the years, always improving and adding new categories to celebrate the amazing people and business in our industry. It’s been an incredible journey so far, and we can’t wait to see what changes the future will bring!

We look forward to celebrating 10 years of The Industry Awards this November in Wellington and we hope to see you there!

Creating a winning entry for The Industry Awards

We often get questions about creating entries for The Industry Awards. What should I include? What should my application look like? What did the winners’ applications have last year? So we wanted to give you our top tips for entering The Industry Awards and some advice from past winners to help you create an outstanding entry! The entry requirements are a bit different for each award, so for all awards, make sure you read the entry form carefully for specific requirements. We’ve divided this post up into tips for the Training Awards, Business Awards and Creative Awards.

Training Awards

Entering a Training award might seem like a big deal, but there really are just a few key things you need to remember. Here are our tips on what your entry should look like, what you should include, and advice from past winners and judges.

  • Entry style. We know you’re a bunch of creative, innovative people, and you probably want your entries to reflect that. We want to see your creativity too, but keep in mind that if you are submitting a written entry the judges need to be able to read it easily to judge it. So typed entries are best and stick to A3 and A4 sizes. Booklets are always good – they’re easy to post and easy to judge. If you’re submitting a video entry, make sure the lighting is good and audio clear. Entries must be five minutes or under. As it will be a large file, you’ll need to send it on a USB stick or use file sharing software such as Google Drive or WeTransfer.
  • Answer the questions. It sounds silly, but when you’re creating your entry, remember to answer the questions! Each entry form has a series of questions you need to answer and information you need to include. You don’t need to include heaps of information, either: keep it short and sweet, and really think about what’s important to include. If you’re including other information, like photos or print-outs from your booking system, remember to tell the judges why they’re important.
  • Think about HITO.  You’re all HITO trainees, trainers, or employers –  make sure you talk about what’s relevant to your training with HITO, or how you help HITO trainees as part of your application.
  • Take your time. Some of the most common advice from our past winners is to prepare and put a lot of effort into your application. Entries aren’t due until August 31, so start thinking about what you want to say now. Collect any relevant information so you don’t have to rush at the last minute. Take advantage of every opportunity you get – it could be the opportunity that helps you win an award!

    “Just do it because it’s a really good chance to stand back and look at what you’re doing, determine if it’s enough. Even if you don’t win it’s worthwhile – I put together a better entry this year because of what I learned entering last year.” – Natasha Bird, the 2018 Industry Trainer of the Year.

  • Be open and honest. Put your heart into it, and openly share your experiences. It helps the judges get to know you and shows your good qualities.

    “I recommend finding ways to communicate who you are as a hairdresser. Trust that your story is something many people will want to hear. Try to ensure your entry is polished and easy to read too.” – Jade Scott, Apprentice of the Year 2018.

  • Think broadly. Don’t just focus on one aspect of your dedication and commitment. You might be a competitions superstar, but the judges want to know where else you’ve shown excellence. You might be 100% dedicated to your students, but are there other areas where you’ve supported training success?
Jade Scott - Apprentice of the Year
Jade Scott, Apprentice of the Year 2018

The quality of applications is always incredibly high, and the judges have a difficult time selecting our winners. We can’t wait to receive another round of fantastic entries this year. ENTER NOW

Business awards

Awards don’t just belong to movie stars! Putting your salon forward is a great way to receive national recognition, improve your business, and next year’s results. It can be a little bit daunting entering a Business award for the first time, but there’s no need to worry. Here’s a list of our top tips that’ll help you put together a winning entry:

  • Tripe check your numbers. If you’re entering a Business award that requires you to submit numerical answers, make sure you triple check them! They’ll need to be GST exclusive and a few of them are really specific about what we’re asking for – so be sure to read the questions a few times. Although this may seem as though it’ll take a lot of time, doing this will allow you to truly understand your numbers and therefore your business which makes it so worthwhile! Winner of the 2018 Beauty Salon of the Year, FaceTime Skin Clinic, said:

    “It’s a really good process to go through. Actually looking at your business, seeing where you can improve and analysing the data that Kitomba provides to see what’s happening and where there are trends is so important. We think it’s about being able to see the nitty gritty rather than just the day-to-day because you’re usually already on top of that.”

  • Results, results! The judges want to see how your initiatives have performed, not just what they were. Find a way to weave your results, and evidence of those results, throughout your entry. Think costs, engagement, feedback and return on investment. And don’t forget to include any reports or statistics too – these must be included in your entry.
  • Use your creativity. You know the style of your salon, spa or clinic better than anyone, and the judges are always excited by a great looking entry, so show off what your business is all about. Remember presentation is worth 10% of your overall score. We spoke with Annabel Kinley, the owner of Scout, who won the Sustainable Salon of the Year in 2018. She suggests not to be afraid of getting help if you need it.

    “Pull together the team you need to put your entry together. You can’t be awesome at everything, so find the people that cover the stuff you just can’t nail.”

  • Keep it brief. The judges love an entry that’s quick to read yet packed with incredible initiatives and results. So, use simple language, stay on point and keep it short.

Our final piece of advice is just to give it a go! So many of our previous entrants talk about insightful and rewarding entering is.

Fox Hair Blonde Bar
Fox Hair Blonde Bar accepting the award for Hair Salon of the Year 2018

Fox Hair Blonde Bar, the 2018 New Zealand Hair Salon of the Year had something to say to anyone considering entering The Industry Awards:

“Do it would be the first thing! There is so much to be gained from it even if you don’t become a finalist. It should also be a process you undertake every year anyway as you should regularly be having a good look at your business.
I also want to encourage everyone to enter, don’t doubt yourself or wonder if you can win. You never know how others are doing and what market conditions are like, so you don’t know where you’ll fit in to this – you could surprise yourself.”


Creative awards

  • Be creative. For the Editorial Stylist awards, entrants are asked to create an image suitable for the front cover of a magazine that will forecast fashion for the coming season. The focus in all categories should be the hair but judges are looking for a fashion forward shot so the only limit is your imagination!
  • Follow the brief. The entry criteria for all the awards are pretty clear so read and follow them and you won’t go wrong – for example, don’t submit a black and white image for the colour concept of Editorial Stylist, and read Patrick Cameron’s instructions carefully!
  • Editorial versus Instagram photography. Photos must be taken on a digital device for the Patrick Cameron Instagram Challenge while the Editorial Stylist shots need to be magazine worthy so we’d recommend using a professional photographer for this. Please note that computer enhancement is not allowed under any circumstances.
  • Practice makes perfect. Take several shots of your image and save them onto a computer for review before you decide which one(s) to submit and don’t delete shots right after taking them as you may miss out on something you hadn’t noticed before. When it comes to submitting your entry, just remember that if you send several poses with the same hairstyle, it may water down your chances due to each judge potentially choosing a different pose. You’ll find some additional hot tips on the individual entry forms – we can’t wait to see what you produce!
Editorial Stylist of the Year
A winning entry from Natasha Kind, Editorial Stylist of the Year 2018

Natasha King, 2018 Editorial Stylist of the Year says that when entering you should:

“Research, practice and read the rules! Also know your judges. Look at their Instagram and see what they like.” She recommends that everyone try to “produce a photo or collection that tells a story. Anyone of us can do hair on a pretty girl – so create that little bit of extra wow factor!”
If you’re still deciding whether to enter this year or not, Natasha says “Just do it!! As hairdressers we are creatives but realistically the most common cut in New Zealand is the ‘same as last time’ and colour is the ‘same again’. Competitions like The Industry Awards give you the platform to share your story through your art.”

Don’t forget The Industry Awards team is here to help and support you. So if you have any questions or need some guidance email us on or call Kitomba, HITO or NZARH. ENTER NOW

The Industry Awards 2019 categories

In 2019 The Industry Awards will recognise the best business, training and creative talent in New Zealand’s hair, beauty and barbering industries.

We’ve brought together all aspects of our industries so there’s an award category to suit every hairdresser, barber and beauty therapist.  

Business award categories

The business award categories celebrate the very best in business! They encompass all the facets that define business excellence – strong performance, growth, fantastic marketing, amazing design and sustainability.

The business award categories for 2019 are:

  • New Zealand Hair Salon of the Year
  • New Zealand Beauty Salon of the Year
  • Excellence in Marketing
  • Sustainable Salon of the Year
  • Best Salon Design
  • Top Performing Stylist of the Year

Training award categories

These awards celebrate continued commitment to training and qualifications in the hairdressing, barbering and beauty industries. These awards are looking for the best apprentices, employers and businesses who show staff training success, and professional development in order to become 100% qualified.

The training award categories are:

  • Apprentice of the Year
  • Workplace of the Year
  • Trainer of the Year
  • Jasmine McBeth Memorial Scholarship

Creative award categories

Celebrating creativity, these awards look for stylists producing fashion forward work. Last year’s event was the first year that Creative Award categories were added to The Industry Awards. Due to their huge success, we’ve expanded the the Creative Awards to include some new categories:

  • NEW! Editorial Stylist of the Year – Cover Shot is a new category for stylists wanting to expand their personal brand.
  • NEW! Hairstylist of the Year – Senior Stylist is a new category, open only to Senior Hairstylist of the Year winners from NZARH’s Host City competitions.
  • NEW! Hairstylist of the Year – Next Generation is a new category, open only to Next Generation Hairstylist of the Year winners from NZARH’s Host City competitions.
  • Editorial Stylist of the Year – Senior Stylist
  • Editorial Stylist of the Year – Colour Concept
  • Editorial Stylist of the Year – Le Male
  • Editorial Stylist of the Year – Next Generation Stylist
  • Editorial Stylist of the Year – Hot Shot (previously Novice Champion)
  • Editorial Stylist of the Year – Derek Elvy Visionary Award
  • Patrick Cameron Instagram Challenge – Under 4 Years in the Industry
  • Patrick Cameron Instagram Challenge – Over 4 Years in the Industry

Want to know more about each of the award categories? Visit The Industry Awards website.

The Industry Awards 2019

To learn more about The Industry Awards 2019, visit our blog.

The Industry Awards are back for 2019!

The Industry Awards team are excited to announce that we’re back for 2019!

This year marks our 10 year anniversary – so it’s going to be a big one! Keep reading for a run down on this year’s awards, and to find out how you can enter.

New location

This year, The Industry Awards will be held in Wellington. Get ready for a glamourous event, celebrating the best business, training and creative talent in New Zealand’s hair, beauty and barbering industries.

New Creative Awards

Last year’s event saw the addition of the Creative Award categories. Due to their huge success, we’ve added some new creative categories:

  • Editorial Stylist of the Year – Hot Shot will be replacing Editorial Stylist of the Year – Novice Champion.
  • Editorial Stylist of the Year – Cover Shot  is a new category for stylists wanting to expand their personal brand.
  • Hairstylist of the Year – Senior Stylist is a new category, open only to Senior Hairstylist of the Year winners from NZARH’s Host City competitions.

  • Hairstylist of the Year – Next Generation is a new category, open only to Next Generation Hairstylist of the Year winners from NZARH’s Host City competitions.

Entry fees

We’ve created new entry fees for this year’s awards. Here’s how they work:

  • There are different entry fees for individuals and businesses (i.e. salons, spas and shops).
  • You can choose to enter one category or multiple categories.
  • If you choose to enter multiple, you’re welcome to enter a mixture of business, training and creative categories.

Entry fees for individuals:

  • One category: $99+GST
  • Multiple categories: $199+GST

Entry fees for businesses:

  • One category: $149+GST
  • Multiple categories: $249+GST

How to enter

Entering is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Register
    Visit The Industry Awards website and tell us who you are, upload a photo of yourself or your team, and let us know which categories you’ll enter.
  2. Pay
    Pay your entry fees by Friday 30 August 2019. You can pay online when you register or pay later via bank deposit.
  • Individual entries cost $99+GST for one category and $199+GST for multiple categories.
  • Business entries cost $149+GST for one category and $249+GST for multiple categories.
  • Students and HITO apprentices do not pay an entry fee.
  1. Enter
    Download the entry form below for each category you’re entering and prepare your entries. Entries are due by Friday 30 August 2019.

Finalist announcement

Follow The Industry Awards on Facebook so you’re the first to hear about our finalists. They’ll be announced by the end of September 2019.

Join us at The Industry Awards

The winners will be announced at The Industry Awards celebration on 10 November 2019 in Wellington. More information about the event and ticket sales will be released soon.

For more information about The Industry Awards or to keep up to date with news and announcements, keep checking our website and follow us on Facebook.

Interview with the 2018 Best Salon Design winner

Mancraft barbers

Found in Taupo, MANCRAFT’s impressive barbershop was crowned winner of the 2018 Best Salon Design award. We spoke with owner Patreece Corban to ask her about her new barbershop and give us some insight into what inspired its design.

How does it feel to be the 2018 winner of Best Salon Design?

We are very proud to have won this award by creating an innovative, new age barbershop. We couldn’t have done it without our dream team of amazing professional contractors that helped our vision come to life!

What was the vision for your barbershop?

The inspiration for MANCRAFT was a ‘boy’s club’ with a grooming den, created out of sustainable materials. The cool, masculine, recycled space that the team at MANCRAFT envisaged had to be functional as well as suit the needs of the men that it was trying to attract.  Staying true to this vision meant that it took almost a year to settle on the final design.

Our three overarching objectives for the fit-out were:

  • The design needed to fit the manly, rustic and sustainable brand positioning of MANCRAFT.
  • The layout had to provide space for three barber’s chairs, grooming room, children’s haircut area, reception space, staff lunchroom, laundry facilities and sufficient storage.
  • Every aspect of the design had to be environmentally friendly and enable the business to deliver a truly ‘green’ customer experience.

Tell us about the space you created

We have created a place where boys can hang out. Fathers and sons come along together to have their hair done – Dad relaxes in the leather backed traditional barber’s reclining chair while his son can choose from a vintage car or a motorbike to sit on. This has proved a huge hit, and does a great job in keeping children still and safe while getting their haircut.

Space was allocated for three barbers chairs each positioned in front of large copper framed mirrors. As the floor plan was a long rectangle, a barrier was needed to add visual interest but also to create a more private space for hair washing. This had to be big enough to fit an additional chair as well as a reclining hair-wash station. The entrance needed to be open and inviting, a place people felt comfortable to wait. Finally, to attract little boys, as well as big ones, we needed a cute, fun kids area.

We are always looking for ways to extend the sustainable theme. The recycled wood gift vouchers were a way to give customers a sense of MANCRAFT before they even arrive. They are rough and rugged, and recycled so that they can be re-sold to new customers time and time again.

Where did you source the material for your barbershop from?

We began with recycled materials, for example, old wine barrels from a Hawkes Bay winery were made into wet shaving sinks, old beer crates were mounted onto the feature wall for product shelving and we were lucky enough to source 50 year old wooden planks from a local jetty which we used for more product shelving and the top of our bar area.

Our feature wall on the outside of the grooming den was lined with recycled rustic tin which was sourced from a local business that closed down. The rusty red colour of the tin, added a sense of warmth to the salon’s environment. Recycled steel frames were sanded back and made into waiting benches. A wooden dividing wall was constructed using discarded pallets. An old reception desk was also sourced which had an incredible hand carved wooden top and this was then lined with more recycled tin.

Time was also spent visiting second hand shops where antique cut throat shavers, hand clippers and an old telephone were found. These are now proudly displayed around the space, adding to the rustic look and feel.

How do you feel your barbershops design has made you and your business successful?

We achieved our vision by not compromising. We knew that to truly create an authentic customer experience, the environment had to look and feel masculine, sustainable and rustic.

As the build progressed, we focused on recruiting suitably qualified staff and sourcing products with biodegradable packaging. We held out to hire the awesome team that delivers the MANCRAFT services today. The whole customer experience makes sense – right down to the products we sell. The result today is that everywhere you look within MANCRAFT you see just how much we value sustainability, and how much effort we have put into creating a space where men feel at home.

The best result, and one we did not see coming, is that our team love where they work. The space is cool, comfortable and classy – there’s always a great feeling within the salon. This spills over onto our clients who just keep on coming back.

What would you say to salons, spas and barbers considering entering The Industry Awards in the future?

The Industry Awards are such an incredible way to actually stop and have a closer look at your business, which is so beneficial to your future growth.

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