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Interview with Ashleigh Mullacrane – winner of the Patrick Cameron Under 4 years in the Industry award

How does it feel to be the winner of the Patrick Cameron Instagram Challenge – under 4 years in the industry?

It feels amazing. I was reluctant to enter any competitions as an apprentice but my colleagues talked me into it. I never thought I would win! It was honestly surreal.

What would you say to someone considering entering The Industry Awards for the first time?

I would say, don’t overthink it and don’t let your doubts stop you from challenging yourself. You never know what you are truly capable of until you believe in yourself and actually give it a go.

What’s your favourite thing about being a hairdresser?

I would say my favourite thing is all of our loyal clients and how much they appreciate getting pampered. It’s really rewarding making their day that little bit better. I have weekly clients come in just to get a scalp massage and blow wave. It’s their little treat to themselves that makes them feel relaxed and happy.

What was the inspiration behind your entry?

I was trying out different hairstyles on my mannequin and thought, why not add fabric and incorporate both of my hobbies/passions. I love sewing clothing so I used some of my mustard and animal print fabric to braid into the hair. Since summer/festival season was approaching, I thought it would be a fun hairstyle to use for my entry.

Get ready for the Industry Awards

Whether you’ve attended the Industry Awards before or 2017 is your first time, check out our top tips for getting ready for the Industry Awards. 


Where and when

This year the Industry Awards are on November 19 at the beautiful Cordis Hotel (formerly known as The Langham) in Auckland. 

Doors open at 6pm. Make sure you’re on time to make the most of your evening!


What to expect

The Industry Awards is an exciting evening celebrating the best in hair and beauty, so you can expect an incredible experience to match. By purchasing a ticket to attend the Industry Awards you receive a selection of drinks and canapes, a delicious two course meal and amazing entertainment. Keep an eye out for an announcement about the entertainment very soon.

The Industry Awards is about celebrating and socialising with the hair and beauty industry. When you arrive at 6pm you’ll be treated to an hour and a half of drinks and delicious canapes, giving you the chance to catch up with your friends in the industry and meet hairdressers, barbers, and beauty therapists from across New Zealand. There will also be a longer break in the middle to give you a chance to enjoy your amazing dinner and chat with everyone at the event – not just the ten people at your table!


Dress code

We all love to dress to impress, and if there’s ever a time for it, it’s the Industry Awards.   

The dress code is cocktail: that means suits and ties, party dresses, or fancy skirts and tops. You can leave the jeans and (probably) the ball gowns at home – but if you want to dress up, go for it!

Now’s the time to go shopping in your wardrobe or plan an outing on your day off to find the perfect outfit. Make sure you fit in a bit of ‘you time’ too! Get a fresh cut and colour or a manicure – anything that will make you feel glam.


What to bring

  • Your team! Ensure you’ve rounded them up for a fun night out. And if you’re not based in Auckland, then make it a team trip that you organise together. It’s Canterbury Anniversary on Friday the 17th of November, so why not make a long weekend of it?
  • Bring your tickets – you can either print them out or bring them on your phone. Having your tickets makes everything a lot quicker and easier for you and for us. If you’re yet to purchase your tickets, you’ll need to get in quick – they’re selling fast. Buy your tickets here. You can also book your own table of 10.
  • Your amazing personality!
  • And of course energy for a great night of celebrations and dancing.


I’m a finalist, do I need to do anything?

If you’re a finalist, congratulations again. If you haven’t already, make sure you book tickets for you and your guests. You need to have your team or support crew there and ready for an amazing night. You can book your tickets here:

We also suggest you jot down a few speech ideas so you’re prepared if you do win an award. Sometimes it’s hard to think of what to say when you’re surprised and excited.


Travel and accommodation

We hope you’re already making arrangements for your travel and stay in Auckland. Make sure you get in early while prices are still low. Grabaseat and Wotif usually have great deals.


What to do in Auckland

If you’re making a weekend of it, here’s some suggestions for having fun in Auckland:

  • There are incredible restaurants and eateries.
  • Check out the shopping!  
  • There’s some great places outside of Auckland Central that you can check out too.
  • If you’re into attractions, see what the city has to offer here.

Hopefully you’re feeling ready for the Industry Awards. We can’t wait to see you all there!

HITO Apprentice of the Year 2016: Meet Liana

Meet Liana King-Biddulph, HITO Apprentice of the Year, NZARH Hairstylist of the Year – Next Generation, and WorldSkills gold medalist.

“For as long as I can remember I’ve had an unshakable passion for hairdressing,” Liana says. “I adore people, being creative, and making others feel wonderful. There wasn’t ever one moment where I fell into a career in hairdressing – it was always inside of me”.

As soon as she could, Liana volunteered her time in local salons. She left her hometown of Queenstown at 17, moving to Dunedin to attend local hairdressing school Harrington Vaughan.

“I started my training at a school, but I wanted to work fulltime so badly,” Liana says. “Every Friday I was in a salon doing work experience, and I was constantly visiting salons with my CV, applying for any apprenticeships I could find”.

Liana is currently an apprentice at Moha in Dunedin.

“I spent a whole day handing out my CV, and Moha was the last salon I visited,” Liana says. “Kylie and Nelson [owners of Moha] weren’t even looking for an apprentice, but I was fortunate enough to be able to change their minds”.

“I love being in the salon,” Liana says. “I get to build my clientele and grow relationships over time, and I’m working towards my dreams every day”.

Liana worked hard to get her apprenticeship, and she works hard in the salon and the community.

“Hairdressing is a demanding career, both physically and mentally,” Liana says. “If you love being busy and being around people, it’s the perfect job. There are many opportunities to be creative and meet inspiring people across the world”.

Her hard work has paid off this year, with Liana winning the gold medal at WorldSkills, NZARH Hairstylist of the Year – Next Generation, and, of course, HITO Apprentice of the Year.

“I’m nearly ready to finish my qualification, so this was the last year I could apply for Apprentice of the Year,” Liana says. “I wanted the title incredibly badly, and I’m so honoured to represent HITO. I feel like all my hard work has been recognised”.

As Apprentice of the Year, Liana wants to seize any opportunities she can to promote apprenticeships. She plans to keep working to grow her career, entering more competitions and taking on any new opportunities she can.

“Getting involved however you can is really important,” Liana says. “It helped me win Apprentice of the Year and improve my skills too”.

One of Liana’s other successes this year was winning NZARH Hairstylist of the Year – Next Generation. The Next Generation winner is picked from junior competition entrants in the NZARH (New Zealand Association of Registered Hairdressers) competitions.

“I had to enter three categories of the NZARH competitions in my area. I won the local Otago title based on my scores, and then the judges looked at my competition work and picked the national winner,” Liana says. “I love the NZARH competitions because it’s a display of pure hairdressing skill right before your eyes.”

“Practice and confidence are key to winning competitions,” Liana says. “Competing live can be anxiety-inducing – it was for me – but getting out there and competition will help reduce that anxiety and build your confidence. Keep entering and competing”.

As the winner, Liana receives free flights to anywhere in the world. If she’s invited to compete at WorldSkills International in Abu Dhabi, she’ll use the flights to get there. If not, she’s got plans to head to an international Fashion Week and work with the Redken team.

On top of those two wins, Liana also took home the gold medal at WorldSkills Nationals earlier this year. WorldSkills is an international competition where young tradespeople compete and share their skills.

“I never thought I would win this one,” Liana says. “I’ve been training for WorldSkills since 2014, and it’s improved my ability to think on my feet and create outside the box”.

The highlights don’t end there. Liana also worked at NZ Fashion Week and the NZ Video Music Awards, and on a local production of the musical Grease. She also assisted her boss Kylie Hayes on a photoshoot for Sydney Hair Expo and at a three-day education event for Redken.

The next step for Liana is (hopefully) competing at the international WorldSkills competition in Abu Dhabi, where she’ll show off her skills in front of hairdressers from across the globe. She also hopes to make it onto the Redken Artistic Team.

“My ultimate career goal is to be an International Platform Artist,” Liana says. “I would love to travel the world, sharing my passion and knowledge”.

“I’ve met so many amazing hairstylists and had so many incredible experiences,” Liana says. “I’m truly blessed to have achieved so much in four years, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.”

History of the Industry Awards

2017 is the 8th time HITO, Kitomba, and NZARH have come together to celebrate the Industry Awards. Each year is bigger and better than the last, with more awards, fantastic venues, and exciting entertainment.

But the Industry Awards weren’t always this glamorous. We’ve scoured the archives to bring you some of the best bits of Industry Awards history and show you how they grew into the event we have today.

The HITO Training Awards

The HITO Training Awards have grown immensely since the first Apprentice of the Year award in 2003. In 2003 the winners were announced at the NZARH Supreme Awards, with one overall ‘Top Apprentice of the Year’ and winners from each of the NZARH regions.

HITO soon started offering awards in each of the HITO regions – and there were only four regions at the time! The winners were acknowledged at their NZARH regional AGMs or the Supreme Awards.

In 2008, HITO celebrated 40 years of hairdressing qualifications. They also celebrated the first Jasmine McBeth Memorial Scholarship recipient, Joel Hornell. Jasmine was a hairdressing apprentice (and 2006 HITO Apprentice of the Year) who passed away from cancer shortly after gaining her qualification. The scholarship money comes from the money Jasmine saved to open her own salon.

Over the years HITO has added more awards, including Tutor of the Year (added around 2007), Training Salon of the Year (added in 2009), and Trainer of the Year (added in 2011). HITO also opened up the awards to beauty entrants in 2014. These days HITO gives out five main awards – Apprentice of the Year, Jasmine McBeth Memorial Scholarship, Trainer of the Year, Training Salon of the Year, and Tutor of the Year. They also changed the name to the HITO Training Awards in 2016.


The Kitomba NZARH Business Awards

The Kitomba NZARH Business Awards started eleven years ago in a tiny room on Waiheke Island when a group of 30 salon owners came together to celebrate the first awards ceremony. They were there to start something new – building a culture of recognising and celebrating hairdressing business excellence.

The Kitomba NZARH Awards have grown a lot since then, with new awards and sponsors on board every year. Last year saw a new award for Best Salon Design, expanding the meaning of business success beyond just the books.

Now the Kitomba NZARH Business Awards are seen by many as the leading national distinction that recognizes top performing salons. The awards are particularly known to help entrants’ gain better understanding of salons as businesses.


The Industry Awards

HITO, Kitomba, and NZARH came together in 2010 to celebrate the Industry Awards. The first Industry Awards was a massive weekend full of celebrations, including the awards dinner, NZARH competitions, Supreme Awards announcements, and a series of seminars. Entry to the whole weekend cost $400! The event took place in Christchurch, which caused some last minute stress when the September 4 earthquake knocked the original venue out of commission.

In 2011 the Industry Awards headed to Auckland’s War Memorial Museum. The event was huge, with over 300 guests coming together to celebrate the winners and dance the night away to DJ Dane Rumble; a far cry from the tiny room on Waiheke Island or the NZARH AGMs.

The next few years saw the Industry Awards move between Auckland and Wellington. Earthquake damage meant a lack of venues in Christchurch, but we’d love to have the awards there again one day.

2014’s event at Shed 6, Wellington, saw the highest number of guests ever. Nearly 400 people attended the event, which included the awards dinner and the NZARH Oceanic competitions during the day. It was an incredible feat to organise, but it was fantastic to see so many people come together to celebrate hair and beauty in New Zealand.

It’s been an amazing journey so far, and we can’t wait to see it get even bigger and better. We look forward to celebrating with all of you in Auckland this year (remember to get your tickets before they sell out!).

Put your best foot forward

Every year, we get questions about creating Industry Awards applications. What should I include? What should my application look like? What did the winners’ applications include last year?

Below are our top tips for entering the Industry Awards. The entry requirements are a bit different, depending on what award you enter, so we’ve divided this post up into tips for the Training Awards and tips for the Business Awards.

HITO Training Awards


Entering the Training Awards might seem like a big deal, but there really are just a few key things you need to remember. Below are our tips on what your entry should look like, what you should include, and advice from past winners and judges.

  • Entry style. We know you’re a bunch of creative, innovative people, and you probably want your entries to reflect that. We want to see your creativity too, but keep in mind that you need to post in your entry, and the judges need to look at it to judge it. Stick to A3 and A4 sizes, and booklets are always best – they’re easy to post and easy to judge.
  • Answer the questions. It sounds silly, but when you’re writing your entry, remember to answer the questions! Each entry form has a series of questions you need to answer and information you need to include. You don’t need to include heaps of information, either: keep it short and sweet, and really think about what’s important to include. If you’re including other information, like photos or print-outs from your booking system, remember to tell the judges why they’re important.
  • Think about HITO. This was something the judges brought up several times last year. You’re all HITO trainees, trainers, tutors, or employers, and these are the HITO Training Awards. Make sure you talk about what’s relevant to your training with HITO, or how you help HITO trainees, as part of your application.
  • Take your time. Some of the most common advice from our past winners is to prepare and put a lot of effort into your application. Entries aren’t due until August 26, so start thinking about what you want to say now. Collect any relevant information throughout the year so you don’t have to rush at the last minute. Take advantage of every opportunity you get – it could be the opportunity that helps you win an award!
  • Be open and honest. Our 2015 winners and finalists were unanimous: whatever you do, be honest in your application. Put your heart into it, and openly share your experiences. It helps the judges get to know you and shows your good qualities.
  • Think broadly. Don’t just focus on one aspect of your dedication and commitment. You might be a competitions superstar, but the judges want to know where else you’ve shown excellence. You might be 100% dedicated to your students, but are there other areas where you’ve supported training success?

The quality of applications is always incredibly high, and the judges have a difficult time selecting our winners. We can’t wait to receive another round of fantastic entries this year.

Enter now.

Kitomba NZARH Business Awards


Awards don’t just belong to movie stars! Putting your salon forward for recognition is a great way to improve your business, your reputation, and next year’s results. Entries for the 2016 Kitomba NZARH Business Awards are now open and we’d love to see your entry.

It can be a little bit daunting entering the Awards for the first time, but there’s no need to worry. Here’s a list of our top tips that’ll help you put together a winning entry:

  • Results, results! Judges want to see how your initiatives have performed, not just what they were. Find a way to weave your results through all parts of your entry. Think costs and return on investment. Let the figures communicate the great job done!
  • Use your creativity. You know your brand better than anyone, and it’s great when an entry form really gives the judges a sense of what you’re all about. But make sure it’s within the guidelines (check out the entry form for more details).
  • Keep it brief. Use simple language to tell your story and remove unnecessary words – the judges will really appreciate this. Focus on the the things that you know matter so you stay on point and don’t drift into providing information that’s unnecessary or a response that sounds great, but doesn’t answer what is being asked.
  • Use testimonials to back up what you’re saying. This is about your whole business, not just your service, so be creative. As well as customers, ask your suppliers and business partners to support you by sharing their stories about how your business has made a difference to them.
  • Finally, don’t forget to proofread. Give yourself plenty of time (the deadline is August 31st) to have someone review and proofread your entry. It’s the little things that count.

Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for all the hard work you’ve done leading up to submitting your entry – it’s something to be proud of. We look forward to seeing your entry. Good luck!

Enter now.

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