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Q&A with Loren Cunningham of Clip Joint Hairdressing

We spoke with Loren Cunningham from Clip Joint Hairdressing, who won the Sustainable Salon of the Year award at The Industry Awards 2021, about what it takes to become an award-winning sustainable salon.

How does it feel to win Sustainable Salon of the Year? 

The win has been wonderful for us, it’s so lovely to have our hard work over the last 6 years acknowledged. It has created a great vibe around the salon.

What do you think has made you so successful when it comes to sustainability? 

I think it’s our dedication to making changes in all aspects of the running of our salon including product choice and company partnerships, water and power use, colouring aids, selection of tea and coffee products and keeping track of our carbon emissions. We cater for a variety of clientele including those who are vegan, zero waste and cruelty-free. 

A refilling station (pictured above) is just one of the many aspects of Clip Joint that helped them win the Sustainable Salon of the Year award.

Are clients looking for more sustainable options seeking you out?

Yes, they are! We have noticed over the last couple of years that we have been attracting clients due to our sustainable practices.

How do you ensure your staff are aligned with your sustainable vision?

Our team is absolutely amazing, they all have a passion for sustainability. I think they see our passion and can’t help but get on board.

Pictured: Clip Joint Hairdressing; winner of Sustainable Salon of the Year at The Industry Awards 2021.

Where do you get your inspiration and ideas for improving sustainability from? 

We get inspiration from everywhere; Social media, google searching, chatting with friends and family, our reps and often our clients.

If another salon, spa or clinic wants to reduce their effect on the environment, what are some sustainable practices they could easily integrate that could make a big impact? 

Looking into your product choices, who you’re supporting, thinking about your waste and looking at ways to reduce it and doing research to find out what is possible in your area in terms of reusing and recycling.

We will be keeping up our current protocols and always looking for something we can do better.

Pictured: Clip Joint Hairdressing; winner of Sustainable Salon of the Year at The Industry Awards 2021.

Would you recommend entering The Industry Awards, and why?

Yes, absolutely. This was our first time entering and it’s worked out well for us! I found that creating our entry was such a great way to assess our business, and it was great to put it all in writing and see all of our hard work laid out.

If you would like to enter The Industry Awards, head over to the entry page and enter now!

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