HITO Awards Finalists 2015

After a tough day of judging, the HITO judges selected the finalists

Last week, the HITO Awards judges met to pick our finalists – and it was a real challenge.

Lyndsay Loveridge, Greg Durkin, and HITO CEO Erica Cumming were the awards judges. Erica represented HITO, helping out judges select the finalists who showed a strong commitment to HITO. Lyndsay is a former salon owner and hairdressing industry expert. She provided a valuable industry perspective for judging. Greg Durkin is the Group Manager – Stakeholder Engagement at BCITO. He provided an outside perspective on the applications.

After nearly eight hours, our judges selected the finalists for each award.

Congratulations to our finalists. Regional winners for the Apprentice of the Year will be announced on Friday 25 September at 3pm on Facebook and this website.

All finalists should be incredibly proud of your achievement. We look forward to celebrating with you at the Industry Awards in November.

Also a huge and warm thank you to everyone who took the time and effort to put together applications. The applications we received this year were well thought out, creative, and inspiring. We’re so proud to have all of you involved with HITO.

The Industry Awards