Q&A with Tayla’d Styling (New Zealand Hair Salon of the Year) | The Industry Awards 2019

How does it feel to be the winner of the New Zealand Hair Salon of the Year award?

It feels surreal, it was a major goal of ours so we’ve been celebrating lots! We took the whole team down to Wellington, partied and made sure we had a really good couple of days away. It’s nice having the trophies in the salon as well, because not only are we celebrating but our clients have been as well. They’ve been so supportive – it’s been so cute to hear their excitement as well.

What is the underlying philosophy of Tayla’d Styling?

Well, it’s pretty much in our name, we’re tailored for you. When I first started out I wanted to ensure everything would be tailored for the individual, for both my team and my clients. I’ve been in the industry for 17 years and in that time I’ve learnt how to do that well. We’ve adapted a 7 step client journey that has proven to be really effective. We also send out Survey Monkey forms to new and regular clientele. This ensures we’re hitting the mark and keeping high standards all the time.

I think a lot of the time it comes down to the relationships you build between yourself, your clients and the team. We have a high level of trust, everyone is honest and open, so we’re able to improve and tailor everything. It’s so important to choose a good team, I ensure before I hire anyone that their values align with mine and those of the business. We’re very open with communication, we talk one on one daily and have performance reviews every 4 months. This ensures I know whether they feel like they’re heading in the right direction. It’s important to me that my team and I have a work-life balance. Flexibility in the workplace and in their career is what my girls are wanting at the moment. Things like taking all public holidays off and having every second Saturday off if they want it, means they’ll be getting the rest they need so they can come in to the salon ready to work hard. Some salons will be open every public holiday, but getting a break is a priority for us. It’s all about balance, listening and communicating honestly.

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Can you tell us more about your business journey? How did you become so successful and is there anything you would change?

I started the business just over 5 years ago when I wanted a change of lifestyle. I had been working on the North Shore my entire career, and after moving to the Hibiscus Coast I decided I didn’t want to travel any further than I had to. So I decided I was going to create a life for myself and my family up here, and then I designed my own workplace and systems to establish that.

I think that what makes the business successful is the desire to be successful, continually educating, creating great systems, and making sure they work for me, my clients and my team. The hair industry is forever evolving, I can never get bored of making my clients and team members feel great.

I wouldn’t actually change anything, to be honest. All the highs and all the struggles we’ve had have shaped us into the team we are today

What does next year look like for you?

It looks like it’s going to be a big one! We have new goals in place already. Every Friday we have a meeting, we’ve been discussing the goals we want to reach and maintain in the next year, so watch this space! We want to maintain NZ Hair Salon of the Year, and we’re going to enter a few more awards as well.

If you could give one piece of advice to other salon, spa and clinic owners, what would it be?

To make sure they have balance with their work-life and family. Salon owners all work really hard, it’s easy to end up putting yourself last. But when you’re at your best you produce the best results.

Can you share with us why you entered The Industry Awards?

It was actually because my business coach told me too! Pip Simmons from Bamboo Consulting was honestly amazing. Two years ago she told me I should enter, she really amped me up, and once I did it I became so goal-driven. We first entered 2 years ago and got into the top 5 for two categories, which then gave us the drive to enter again and smash our goals. It’s also a really great way to look at your business.

Entering The Industry Awards has helped by making me stop and evaluate ourselves and our systems. It also just gives us the drive to want to achieve more. The event is great and the companies that created it do such a good job, it’s nice to have an event like that in NZ. I’m so happy it exists, the whole team looks forward to it. 

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