Q&A with Hannah Wilkes of Wilkes & Co. (Patrick Cameron Instagram Challenge – Senior) | The Industry Awards 2020

How does it feel to be the winner of the Patrick Cameron Instagram Challenge – Senior Stylist?

It feels good, I've missed competition work! For the past 8 years I’ve been concentrating purely on my businesses and my kids, so it’s about time I get back into upskilling myself. This award has come at a really good time and I really appreciate it. 

What was the inspiration behind the design?

I'm random, I never have a plan. I just start with a good model, good hair and then just go for it, while keeping the brief in mind.

What would you say to salons considering entering The Industry Awards in the future?

Definitely do it, I've always been big on entering salon awards because I think it's important to feel part of a team/industry. Give it a go and enter anything, don't stick to the usual categories you go for. 

What, or who, has been the biggest influence in your career so far?

I worked for Carl Watkins, I learnt a lot over the years from him! Session Stylist Carl Reeves also taught me a lot about creativity. And then Ngara Luessi & Steve Henderson - they just stand out to me.

What do you think is the main reason clients come back to you?

I just listen 100% and deliver what they want, and genuinely enjoy their company.


Hannah Wilkes is the Salon Director of Wilkes & Co, a boutique hair salon that offers specialist hair cutting, colouring and styling and make up for special occasions. She was also the creative force behind Christchurch salon, Felix Culpa, which was a finalist for New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year and New Zealand Salon of the Year 2016, where Hannah won the L’Oreal Colour Award.

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