Tips for Entering a Business Award

If you’ve never entered The Industry Awards before, pulling all of your reports and trying to create an entry that showcases everything about your business can seem like a daunting task.

We’ve compiled a list of top tips, along with some advice from past winners that will help you create an award-winning entry.

Master your numbers

Creating an entry for a business award requires a solid understanding of your figures. It’s crucial to master your numbers to provide accurate and insightful information. By analysing your salon software’s reports, you can identify proof of your success and therefore make your entry stronger. Take a look at the numbers that your entry form is asking for and make sure if it’s a financial number that you provide it as GST exclusive.

The power of results

When you create your entry, keep in mind that it’s not enough to describe your initiatives; you also need to show the results. Our judges want to see evidence of the impact that your strategies have had on your business.

Weave the results throughout your entry, highlighting important numbers and metrics. Include proof in the form of reports and graphs so the judges can see the results clearly, or if your results are happy customers, reviews and feedback from your clients doesn't hurt!

Michelle Marsh of Surreal Hair (Best Salon Design 2022)
Michelle Marsh of Surreal Hair (Best Salon Design 2022)

Unleash your creativity

We work in an incredible industry full of talent and creativity, and we want to see that reflected in your entry! Your salon, spa or barbershop has a unique perspective and style that sets it apart from others so make sure you showcase that to the judges.

Presentation is worth 10% of your entry, and is something you should definitely keep in mind. A great first impression goes a long way, and attention to detail is something that we look for.

Be concise and compelling

A well-crafted entry is one that is concise, yet compelling. Our judges appreciate entries that convey their incredible achievement, remarkable initiatives and clear results in a concise manner. Use clear headings, and focus on the question that is asked in that section.

Keep an eye on the word or page count noted on your entry form, and if you are creating a digital submission in the form of a video or presentation, keep it concise and engaging.

The MANE Salon Team (Excellence in Marketing 2022)
The MANE Salon Team (Excellence in Marketing 2022)

"It makes me sit down and really take a look at what's going on in my business, and the very process of going through and putting those awards together reminds myself and the team of all of the amazing things that we’re doing."

- Janine Simons, winner of Excellence in Marketing 2022

Don’t be afraid!

Taking a look at your finances and pulling together an entry can feel scary and intimidating, especially if it’s your first time or you’ve entered before but didn’t make it as a finalist or winner. However, previous entrants have consistently found that creating a holistic overview of their business has been incredibly insightful and rewarding.

By mastering your numbers, highlighting the power of results, showcasing your creativity, being concise and compelling, and taking the plunge, you'll be well on your way to creating an incredible entry that wows our judges. Good luck, and the team are so excited to see the 2023 entries!

The Industry Awards is taking a break in 2024

HITO, Kitomba Salon and Spa Software and Hair & Barber New Zealand have announced that The Industry Awards will be taking a break in 2024.

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