Tips for Entering a Training Award

If you’ve never entered The Industry Awards before, it can seem like a daunting task. You might be wondering things like: What should I include? What should my entry look like? What gave last year’s winners the edge over the competition?

Here are a few tips about what your entry should look like, what you should include, and advice from past winners.

Entry style

We want to see your creativity! Entries can be submitted in writing or as a video. Written entries need to be easy for the judges to read and mustn’t exceed 1500 words. Visuals and images are great additions to written entries. Booklets are a great option for written entries, as they are easy to read and easy to show your creativity through. If you are submitting a video entry, make sure the lighting is good and the audio is clear. Video entries must be five minutes or under. We recommend sharing video entries via Google Drive or on a USB.

Answer the questions

Make sure to remember the answer the questions on the entry form. These questions are the basis of criteria used by the judges to determine finalists and winners. You don’t need to include heaps of information: think about what’s most important to convey and keep it short and sweet. If you’re including other information, like photos or printouts from your booking system, make sure to tell the judges why they’re important.

Think about HITO

As a HITO apprentice, trainer, assessor, or employer – make sure you talk about things relevant to your training with HITO or your work with HITO apprentices.

The MANE Salon Team (Industry Trainer of the Year and Workplace of the Year 2022)
The MANE Salon Team (Industry Trainer of the Year and Workplace of the Year 2022)

"Apprentices are the future of the industry, through them we can ensure we elevate and grow the hairdressing industry."

- Janine Simons of MANE Salon, winner of Industry Trainer of the Year and Workplace of the Year 2022

Take your time

When creating your entry, take your time to plan and prepare your entry. Entries are due 31st August, so make use of the time you have to create the best entry possible. Start collecting relevant information now, so you don’t have to rush at the last minute.

Be open and honest

Put your heart into your entry, and openly share your experiences. It helps the judges get to know you and shows your good qualities.

Sadie Ellen (Hairdressing Apprentice of the Year 2022)
Sadie Ellen (Hairdressing Apprentice of the Year 2022)

"Entering the Hairdressing Apprentice of the Year category gave me a chance to reflect on my journey and how far I have come!"

- Sadie Ellen, winner of Hairdressing Apprentice of the Year 2022

Think broadly

Make sure to focus on many areas of your dedication and commitment. The judges want to know a range of areas you have shown excellence. You might be a competitions superstar, or 100% dedicated to your apprentices, but are there other areas where you have supported training success?

The quality of entries is always incredibly high, and the judges have a difficult time selecting the winners. We can’t wait to receive another round of fantastic entries this year.

The Industry Awards is taking a break in 2024

HITO, Kitomba Salon and Spa Software and Hair & Barber New Zealand have announced that The Industry Awards will be taking a break in 2024.

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