Training Finalists – The Industry Awards 2020

Congratulations to all the Training award finalists for this year’s Industry Awards! We were thrilled to see such a huge number of entries – even a global pandemic couldn’t interfere with your passion and drive.

With the introduction of three new Training awards, it was great to see an increase in entries from barbers, beauty therapists and industry assessors. We are so humbled by the talent in our industries – each year really does exceed the last!

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Hairdressing Apprentice of the Year
Sponsored by Excel Digital

  • Jason Parker - Buoy Salon & Spa (Wellington)
  • Sonita Azizi - Anthony Bayer Hair Salon (Auckland)
  • Mercy Barret - Headquarters (Dunedin)

Winner: Mercy Barrett
Headquarters Hairdressing (Dunedin)

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Barbering Apprentice of the Year

  • Myo Kyaw - Victoria Ave Barbershop (Palmerston North)
  • Bradley Proctor - Maloney's Barbershop (Auckland)

Winner: Bradley Proctor
Maloney's Barbershop (Auckland)

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Beauty Therapy Apprentice of the Year
Sponsored by The NZ Association of Registered Beauty Professionals

  • Melissa Katrisse Wilton - She Believed Beauty (North Canterbury)
  • Samantha Maloney - Chrysalis Beauty (Auckland)

Winner: Samantha Maloney
Chrysalis (Auckland)

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Workplace of the Year
Sponsored by Telesmart

  • Aurum Hairstylists and Barbers (Dunedin)
  • Crèmebrulee Hair and Beauty (Taupō)

Winner: Aurum Hairstylists and Barbers (Dunedin)

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Industry Assessor of the Year

  • Phillipa Grundy - Zibido (Hamilton)
  • Sonia Baker Johnston - MIT Cranium Hair (Auckland)

Winner: Pip Grundy
Zibido Hair (Hamilton)

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Industry Trainer of the Year

  • Diana Beaufort - Reds Hairdressing (Wellington)
  • Chrissy De Mey - Vivo Hair & Beauty (Tauranga)

Winner: Diana Beaufort
Reds Hairdressing (Wellington)

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Jasmine McBeth Memorial Scholarship

  • Destiny Henry - C U Hair (New Plymouth)
  • Sonita Azizi - Anthony Bayer Hair Salon (Auckland)

Winner: Destiny Henry
C U Hair (New Plymouth)

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